Kirk W. Boland, USAF, 1979

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Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) is a former Army Guard helicopter pilot, as well as, former enlisted aircraft maintenance crew chief on RF-4C Phantom II jet fighters in the U.S. Air Force.

Kirk worked at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC, FOB Camp Ramadi, Iraq, Al Taqaddum Airbase, Iraq, Farah Airfield, Afghanistan, and Delaram II, Afghanistan.

Kirk is an ASCAP songwriter, and an ASCAP publisher, Full Metal Jacket Music.

Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. is currently a U.S. Army, First Lieutenant, Armor, serving in the  South Carolina Army National Guard.

Kirk Jr. (Wes), is a songwriter, guitarist, and classical guitarist.

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Kirk W. Boland, Flight School, Fort Rucker, 1984-85

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Kirk W. Boland, USAF, 1978

​Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) with Kirk Boland

Publishing is open on our songs. Kirk W. Boland is an ASCAP member. Chad Van Rys is a BMI member. Chad Van Rys is a prolific songwriter, as well a singer and guitarist. Chad has a large collection of songs. While he is known for his military music, his country songs on a wide variety of subjects are potential hits. Chad appeared on NBC in a veterans salute, and was featured in a production by Norman Lear, The Voices of Born Again America. He also had good reviews when he played at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. While Chad was offered a couple of record deals a few years back, a life on the road wasn't for him. Chad would however like to see some of his songs picked up. If you are interested in Chad's music, email me and I will forward your message to Chad.    

 Respectfully, Kirk W. Boland    


Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) teams up with his son, Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr., his daughter, Jennifer B. Jones, and wife, Ola S. Boland to write songs that pay tribute to the members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as songs that are pro U.S.A., or about the American way of life. Kirk has also written songs with his friends, Chad Van Rys, Gabrielle Elaine Pittman, Dale Hoover, and many others. Check our YouTube Channel for songs that are open to publishing.

"The Ballad of the Night Stalker (NSDQ)", AKA as "Donovan's Song", changed up some as a salute to all 160th SOAR (A) Night Stalkers. We are still looking for a major recording artist to bring this song to life. I think an artist like the traditional American country music singer-songwriter Buddy Brown, could do this song justice. Until then we'll keep plugging. 

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Salute to my friends, Sharri L. Briley, Jordan LaNee Neal (Briley), Micah Briley, Margie Kemmer Briley.