Here is the "Bluegrass Version" of our song, "Remember West Virginia Coal"

TEAM JONES  -  With The Marvinator's new special ordered Ford Ranger

​Lt. General Edward Cardon​   2LT Kirk W. Boland, Jr.


Nicholas Blake Jones  September 2022

Kirk Wesley Boland Jr. recording the mandolin track for one of our songs, in Greenville, South Carolina, May 2019.  

Kirk W. Boland - Guitar   /   Chuck Boland (Charles B. Boland) - Drums

Let's Roll!

March 2022

Abby and Kirk at Edisto Beach, South Carolina

Kirk W. Boland, USAF, 1978

TEAM JONES - Ariana and Nicholas

SONG - Remember West Virginia Coal

ARTIST - Gary McVay

SONGWRITERS - Kirk W. Boland (ASCAP) Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. PUBLISHING - Open

​Kirk Boland and Kirk Boland, Jr. perform at MCRD Parris Island 


                             Our song about Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Kirk Boland and Gary Sinise

September 2022

Captain Patricia Fields

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED                      COPYRIGHT 2023

Charlie Boland (Charles B. Boland) with Chad Van Rys in the studio in Nashville, working out details on the song, Blue Collar Fighting Man. The song was written by Kirk W. Boland (ASCAP), Chad Van Rys (BMI), and Charlie Boland (BMI). It was picked up by Declaration of Independence,Inc. Under exclusive license to Concord Music Group, Inc. in 2009,

Our friend, Kelly Coberly had cut some of our songs a while back. Kelly had success when she recorded our song, "Remember West Virginia Coal" and included it on her album. On January 1, 2020, Kelly released this new tribute video about the Sago Mine Tragedy, remembering the fallen, with her heartfelt rendition of "Remember West Virginia Coal".  

​June 2022


Kirk W. Boland, USAF, 1979

Ariana(AKA Batgirl) & Nick(AKA Batman) are ready

Kirk with the late, Jeff Cook, Alabama Band

​Ola S. Boland

Gabrielle and Kirk, songwriters of the          song, "What Kind Of Love".

The red heads with "The Marvinator"!

​Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) with Kirk Boland

Kelly Coberly - Bluegrass, Country,

and Christian recording artist.

​Charlie Boland performs at Gitmo

MWR, Forward Operating Base, Ar Ramadi, Iraq - 2006

2 KIRKS at ABOLC, Fort Benning

Kirk W. Boland, Flight School, Fort Rucker, 1984-85

Gabby's song, Near To You, lyric video we put on YouTube. 

Nick is ready

​​Shooter Jennings and Charlie Boland

Kirk W. Boland with brother, Charlie Boland

Jennifer B. Jones

Young Nicholas visiting with Aaron Tippin

Nicholas with his first flight lesson 

Charlie Boland (drums) and other Patriots perform for our       troops during a July 4th concert at Guantanamo Bay


Kirk flying a Huey in 1985

Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. is a former Army Guard Armor Officer on M1 Abrams main battle tanks.  

He is a songwriter, guitarist, classical guitarist, plays mandolin, and ukulele as well. 

Chuck Boland (Charlie B. Boland) is a music producer, BMI songwriter, and professional musician.

Charlie has been instrumental in the success of many of the Full Metal Jacket Music projects through his Nashville contacts. 

Ola S. Boland is a songwriter, with admin. and studio work.

Jennifer Branton Jones is a songwriter, with admin. and studio work.

Contact -

SONG TITLE - She's My America (One Hundred Percent) DEMO ARTISTS - Kirk and The Amyloid Plaques SONGWRITER - Kirk W. Boland (ASCAP)


Embrace the suck

WO1 Kirk W. Boland

The W, getting ready

FULL METAL JACKET MUSIC - Americana Music, original songs open to publishing. 

Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) is a former Army Guard Warrant Officer helicopter pilot, as well as a former enlisted aircraft maintenance crew chief on RF-4C Phantom II jet fighters in the U. S. Air Force.

Kirk worked at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC, FOB Camp Ramadi, Iraq, Al Taqaddum Airbase, Iraq, Farah Airfield, Afghanistan, and FOB Delaram II, Afghanistan. Kirk is an ASCAP songwriter, and an ASCAP publisher, Full Metal Jacket Music.      

             Chad Van Rys, USMC                     Kirk W. Boland

Salute to my friends, Sharri L. Briley, Jordan Briley Neal, Micah Briley, Margie Kemmer Briley.  The song, "The Ballad of the Night Stalker (NSDQ)" , was written about my fallen friend, CW3 Donovan L. Briley. KIA 03 October 1993, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Later, the song was updated as a tribute to all members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. That updated version is still looking for an artist to cut the song.

​Freedom Is Never Free

Young Ariana on guitar

Our songs were picked up and cut for the albums above. Our song, "Blue Collar Fighting Man" on the album,"The Voices of Born Again American", under exclusive license to Concord Music Group. 

And our song, "And They All Came Home But Me (Once A Marine)", on the album "Country Volume I" released by the military only record label, "To The Fallen Records". My friend Chad Van Rys is the artist on both of these songs. I met Chad in Ar Ramadi, Iraq when he was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Chad recently started a new YouTube Channel called RegularGuy Radio, and he has some really great new original songs. Check out Chad Van Rys when you have some time.